Chewy Molasses Cookies

These molasses cookies are the perfect Christmas cookie. They make the whole house smell like spices as they bake. They have slightly crisp edges and stay chewy and soft for days.

These are the best.  I know this because I once brought a batch of them to my daughter’s preschool Christmas party.  That evening, one of the moms sent out a school-wide email with a picture of them, asking who brought them and could they please have the recipe.  Life has been downhill ever since.

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Cozy Christmas

The Christmas decorations are still up (it is still Christmas!), and I am glad, as some of them made their appearance on Christmas Eve.  It is a shame to rush things so much that you are sick of them by the time they have actually become appropriate.  (Like premarital sex, filling up on snacks before dinner, giving two month old babies toys that they can’t play with, etc.)


The holly can only last so long when your house is a toasty 78 degrees because of your delightful fireplace!







(We used this gingerbread recipe and loved it, tons of flavor, unlike gingerbread cookies that look charming and taste like nothing.)

The last few days of school before winter break, we worked hard on our cookies, packaging up soap for teachers, and setting out our final decorations.






The peanuts had a week and a half off school, and after one day back, it snowed half an inch and they were given two snow days.


So we have been making garlands out of glittery construction paper stars…


Drinking some of our fifty dollars worth of tea we bought with a Christmas gift card.



And enjoying our Christmas gifts.

Soon it will be time to jump into January organization and garden planning and seed starting.  But now… it is still time to celebrate!


Merry Christmas!

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