A Penny Saved #2

There were some frugal misses this week, but some successes too.

  1.  Made a batch of my favorite soap recipe using half mango and half peach fragrance because I had a little of each to use upDSC02396.jpg
  2. Switched to Kirkland brand laundry detergent.  I had been using Tide Pods for the super practical reason of thinking they looked good on the shelf in a clear container.  I realized my laundry room is not beautiful, and went for the big orange jug.DSC02356.jpgOh wait my laundry room looks like this:DSC02347.jpg
  3. We stayed home through a very rainy weekend that felt boring.  But we persevered! DSC02354.jpg
  4. But then… I spent $200 ordering berry plants from Gurney’s, and then since my pepper seeds seem to have at last croaked, I ordered more of those, AND giant jalapeño seeds that intrigued me, AND early girl tomato seeds since I’ve never grown them before, AND a new seed starting set up.  All of this is okay, but AFTER I ordered I read dozens of very poor reviews of the company.
  5. Kept the fire going all week and the heat didn’t kick on once.



Winter is hard.







A Penny Saved plus Last Week’s Menu, Week One

A penny saved is better than a penny earned because there are no taxes on it and it gives you something to do!  Every week I am going to do this to keep myself accountable for my spending, and see where I saved money or where I failed.

For me, the biggest opportunity to ruin my budget is buying food and wasting it, or not having a realistic meal plan and having to go out.  So I will also go over the week’s menu to see if we ate out too much or if I planned meals poorly.

A Penny Saved

  1. Started my basil and pepper seeds.  I like to have big basil plants to go out in containers and be used right away, and my pepper plants are always small and slow to get going, so I started these early
  2. I skipped a birthday meal out since Maddie had Nutcracker dress rehearsal that night.  Did not request a meal later in the weekend to make up for it.
  3. I made simple molasses cookies for the Nutcracker concession stand instead of trying to show off and make something elaborate that would have been more expensive.
  4. REALLY wanted to order cotton lawn to make pretty spring skirts for the girls, but I didn’t.  They don’t really need them.
  5. Instead of buying more Iron Out to get rust stains out of the shower and bath, I discovered that vinegar + dish soap in the dish cleaning wand is actually working.



Birthday surprise from Matt!

Last Week’s Menu

Monday- Quesadillas and carrot sticks, Matt was out of town

Tuesday- Chick fil a nuggets bought by my mom, Matt still out of town

Wednesday-buffalo chicken tenders and fries

Thursday- sugar and spice pork roast

Friday- leftover chicken, plus antipasto salad for the grown ups

Saturday- linguine with sausage and sage creamy tomato sauce, homemade French bread, and salad

Sunday- picked up pizza and wings after the Nutcracker to go watch the first half of the Super Bowl with friends



Maddie’s nutcracker flowers.  I did spend $10 on these.


We loved this pork roast from the America’s Test Kitchen Make Ahead Cookbook.  Pork roast is always marked down at our grocery store.  It turned out so well using the oven probe so it didn’t get overcooked.

Back to laundry day!