Snobby Christmas Decorating

(Picture is from a Pottery Barn catalog.)

Halloween is over, so it’s time to talk about decorating for Christmas.

There are two types of Christmas decorating snobs:

1. One who thinks everything is too early

2. One who thinks everyone’s decorations are tacky

As far as the earliness complaining goes, I get it. If we are supposed to be celebrating the birth of Christ, it makes no sense to have decorations up right now, or even after Thanksgiving, or even during advent.

On someone’s birthday, don’t you get their balloons that day? So when they wake up, it’s all very “Hooray! Big celebration!”. Giving them balloons a month beforehand would make no sense. They would come down for breakfast on their birthday and there would be some old balloons sitting there and it would all feel very pointless.

So I understand that complaint, even if I have my tree up early in December.

But there is the other kind of snob. I am like this.

I believe we should have all fresh greenery. Real candles everywhere would be preferable.

And Christmas movies. Black and white only. No Muppets. Actually, no movies at all.

As far as outdoor decorations go, white lights, a fresh wreath, and no blow up Santas, projections, or things that flash.

The ideal tree should have white lights, classic candy canes, a tartan ribbon, and white and gold ornaments. THATS IT.

Isn’t this fun?

No. Christmas decorating snobbery is annoying.

Moreover, my actual house has plastic gingerbread houses, colored lights, tinsel, and reindeer towels in it, because that is what others in my family like and have given me as gifts. I also have a Christmas village set, which I find highly ironic. The fake village celebrates old town squares that we used to have, and is made in Bangladesh and sold at chain stores. But it was my grandmothers, and I love it. My kids have handmade stocking with slightly tacky Santa faces knit into them. But they were made by family, so I love them. (Also we can’t hang them on the mantle or they would burst into flames, so they show up on Christmas Eve.)

I need to keep in mind that Christmas decorating does not exist to express my personal taste to the the world. It’s to celebrate a birthday, and it’s not mine. If a certain member of the family insists on colored lights, well okay. If the neighbor wants to put up an inflatable nativity set, then Merry Christmas to them. It’s not about me.

When does your decorating start? Have your Christmas tastes changed as you’ve gotten older? Do you judge those with colored lights? I hope you have a fun time planning and decorating. (But not yet.)

P.S. I just discovered these lights which I think are a good compromise for divided Christmas light households.

P.P.S. If you want beautiful decorations, look at the Holiday Collection at Everyday Occasions.