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Welcome to Heart’s Content, my little homemaking blog, focusing on being happy at home without spending a lot of money.  I think everyone’s home can be productive and happy, and that getting there usually involves working a little harder and buying a little less.


What I Write About:

Sometimes I write about the philosophical side of homemaking (like enjoying your work and resisting materialism).  Sometimes I write more about specifics like weeding the garden or cleaning your kitchen).  All of my posts are, at heart, about contentment for the homemaker.



I also like to share a recipe every week.  My husband is the pickiest eater ever, so the recipes I share are actually very good. He has no problem telling me something is bad, or just okay, and should not be made again!

Every recipe I post is a from scratch, normal food.  Nothing revolutionary, just good things that your family will like but that will probably not impress anyone with exotic tastes.


Me, My House, and My Garden:

I live with my husband and three daughters on a hobby farm in Virginia.  We have a good sized garden, chickens, barn cats, plenty of woods and fields.

We built our house in October 2016, using the house plan Steamer Point by John Tee.

I am a Catholic convert.  I don’t write much about that here because I am still learning and don’t really feel qualified to share anything other than my questions.

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I love getting comments and respond to each one.

My email is heartscontentblog@gmail.com, and I would love to hear from you!

Oh and if you want to use any of my pictures that is fine with me.  If you do I would be so glad if you would link back so I can see them.

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