About Me

Hi and welcome!  My name is Katie, and I am married to Matt, a software engineer, and I have three daughters (ages 6, 4, and a baby).  We live on a hobby farm in Virginia with chickens, cats, a large garden, a berry patch, and a few decrepit outbuildings.

italy 205.jpg

(Our honeymoon.)

This blog is mostly about homemaking, and specifically finding contentment as a homemaker.  I grew up as a “gifted” child in a wealthy suburb, and knew absolutely nothing about housekeeping when I got married.  It all seemed beneath me (despite the fact that I barely graduated, with a degree in… classics). I taught myself to do it, and then finally to love it, and that is why I started this blog…just to share.

Sometimes I write about the philosophical side of homemaking (like enjoying your work and resisting materialism).  Sometimes I write more about specifics like weeding the garden or cleaning your kitchen).  We live in a house we built two years ago, and we are still furnishing and decorating it, so I share a lot about that here as well.


I also like to share a recipe every week.  My husband is the pickiest eater ever, so the recipes I share are actually very good. (Why document my failures?)  He has no problem telling me something is bad, or just okay, and should not be made again!  Every recipe I post is a from scratch, normal food.  Nothing revolutionary, just good things that your family will like but that will probably not impress anyone with exotic tastes.








I am a Catholic convert.  I don’t write much about my faith because I am still learning and don’t really feel qualified to share anything other than my questions.  But it is always on my mind and a part of everything I do.


I hope you will look around for awhile and leave a comment to say hello.


If you want to reach me, my email is katie.a1.shaw@gmail dot com.