Landscaping Contentment

When we lived in our old, gross house, I had a lot of complaints.  Now that we are in a new, beautiful one…I still have a lot of complaints.  My first one is the landscaping. Or really, the fact that there is no landscaping.


(Our backyard is a flat area of mowed weeds near the house, then a steep area of unmowed weeds, then woods, then a hayfield.)

The house sits perched on a steep hill, looking like it was dropped off by aliens.  There is no connection between house and land, despite the windows and porches.  It just looks goofy.

This irks me because I was not present at the meeting with the builder to determine where the driveway should go and where the house should sit on the lot.  It should have been pushed back more, to allow for a flat space in front.  The driveway should have started earlier and crisscrossed the front of the house so that our front door would be more than a decoration.  (Everyone currently walks in through the laundry room, to my constant aggravation.)

I have never really shared pictures of the outside of my house because I find how it is sited very unattractive:


Yuck.  (At least now the black erosion fencing is gone!)

I have come up with a lot of solutions in my mind.  Retaining walls, moving the side steps, widening the front pathway.  I want white hydrangeas on the far side of the walkway.  I want the front terraced.  I at least want something done about the grass (green weeds actually), which just grows to hideous lengths by the end of summer, dies in the winter, and begins again.

I want, I want, I want.

I’m never going to get any of those things.  I can’t afford them… in the sense that they would be so expensive you would have to be truly rich to justify it.  Doing it ourselves, over time, is not really an option.  If you are cutting into a hill and building walls you have to just do it .

Similarly, my bitterness over not having any input about the house location is not contributing to my happiness.


So instead of looking for ideas and solutions, I am just going to be okay with it.  I don’t like it, and never will.  But there is no use drawing up landscape plans. That is hard for me, as silly as it sounds.  I like things to be pretty and welcoming. I like to have dreams, and Pinterest boards, and plans in the works.  It hard to for me to say to myself, this one is not going to happen.  Make peace with it.


I wonder if I did spend the many thousands of dollars to terrace the front and widen the walkway, would I be glad I did?  Or would it just be more money spent, and on to wanting the next thing?

I guess contentment is not as simple as being happy with what you have.  I’ll never be happy with this one aspect of our home.  It’s also being okay with the fact that you aren’t happy with it.  Choosing not to spend a lot of money to fix it, and just leaving it the way it is.  Realizing that I am still a happy person with a good life, no matter how steep my front yard is.

Is there something in your house that bothers you…that you know you can’t change?

7 thoughts on “Landscaping Contentment

  1. No Makeup Mama

    Your house looks amazing! But discontentment is easy to find in the American culture I live in. If I could, I would change the entry to my home and add an awesome porch like you have – but instead of being discontented with it, I just remind myself to be grateful that I have a house at all, which is a privilege that many people do not have. From that perspective, my entryway isn’t so bad after all 😁

    • Thank you! It’s so easy to play the comparison game when you feel like people have it better than you… but hard to remember than most people have it much, much worse.

  2. Uhhh welcome to my life!!! Our stairs our in the worst place possible, makes it so our ceilings are low(ish) and it ruins the entire functionality of the basement because the stairs are smack in the middle of the giant space. Definitely not something we could ever change, and something we know we don’t want when we build our next house. Honestly, if I knew it would bother me so much I probably would have passed on this house. Oops. I think your house looks great btw- without you mentioning it I never would have noticed =)

    • It’s definitely making me want to build another house one day… which we said we would never do. But there are so many things I want to correct!

  3. I actually find the location of the house so picturesque! I’d love a house on a hill like that, personally <3 But we all have our own preferences, and I definitely understand not liking it. I'm not a huge fan of my husband and I's yard, either. It's too flat. Too treeless. Too boring XD

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