Springtime Homemaking

Switching out things for new seasons is one of those fun homemaking activities that seem hard to come by on some days.  Not spring cleaning, just spring puttering.  Save the deep cleaning for winter.  Here are some things I have been doing now that the weather has turned.

Seashells and sea glass from the kids instead of pine cones and acorns.

Blue and aqua pillow covers and placemats instead of olive and burgundy

Spring scented dish soap and cleaners

Wildflowers from the children placed in the kitchen

Hummingbird feeder on the deck, where we can watch from the living room

A little furniture rearranging to have seats that face the windows

Sweeping the porch and back deck and straightening the furniture

Windows and glass doors cleaned and opened

Wool hats and mittens put away, sun hats and bubbles by the door

A basket in the kitchen to bring out seeds and bring in eggs

Bookshelves arranged and books that I want to reread set in their own section, to grab and bring outside

Sewing machine put in a closet to revisit in the winter: now is not the time

Searching grilling books for meal plans, it feels summery even though nothing is ready from the garden yet

Making sure canning supplies are ready for the summer

The humidity hasn’t set in, pollen doesn’t bother me, and nothing in the garden has disappointed me yet! A wonderful time of year.  Soon it will be time for fireworks, tomatoes, sunflowers, and days in the pool, but for now we are enjoying the present.

I am coveting a big wildflower wreath for above the fireplace mantel, as it looks so bare this time of year.  I also think a big crock in white or cream would be beautiful to set on the hearth and fill with flowers, but I don’t see it ending well with a baby in the house.

I would love to hear what you do around your house as the season changes!














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