How I am Keeping My Kitchen Clean Every Day

Last summer I started following a homemaking schedule where certain things were done on certain days: “Laundry day”, “Town Day”, etc.  I loved the fact that it gave each day a focus and kept me ahead of the game instead of constantly playing catch up.  I also loved that it had a slightly retro feel.  I felt like a real housewife!  But one day, Kitchen Day, was torturing me.

It was a day for canning, baking, cooking ahead, making freezer meals, and cleaning the kitchen.  This meant organizing the fridge and cleaning the shelves, washing the trash cans, cleaning the sink, organizing the pantry and the cabinets, and all those little tasks that kitchens need.  It was just too much, and it was stressing me out.

I realized I was acting a bit silly, as if federal law had decreed that I must cook ahead and clean the kitchen in one day.  So I decided to change things up and it has been a huge improvement.

Two or three times a day, I go in to the kitchen to make a cup of tea.  It steeps for seven minutes.  During those seven minutes, I do one small task to clean the kitchen.  Just one!

It has been amazing!  The kitchen is always clean, and it feels effortless!  Setting a timer has been so important for this working for me.  


Here are some of of the chores I tackle during those seven minutes.

DSC02345 (1).jpg

-cleaning the sink with barkeepers friend and filling it with water and a splash of bleach

-organizing and wiping down ONE shelf or drawer in the fridge

-cleaning the fronts of the cabinets

-getting down on the floor with a damp microfiber cloth and mopping by hand (surprisingly quick and effective)

-organizing and wiping out one drawer

-polishing the stainless steel appliances

-filling the coffee maker with vinegar and to clean it

-cleaning the cooktop

-organizing the pantry cabinets

-cleaning the kitchen windows or sliding glass door

-polishing two pans with bar keepers friend, drying them, and putting them back


I am so happy I changed up this aspect of my homemaking routine.  And it has freed up my Tuesdays so that they are now “baking day”, and I am free to do things like this:





So if I skip a day, no big deal.  And after the chore is completed, I get to relax with a cup of tea!


4 thoughts on “How I am Keeping My Kitchen Clean Every Day

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  2. This is an amazing idea that actually never occurred to me. I tend to use tea steeping time for staring off into space or into my phone :/

    I had a cleaning schedule for something like two weeks and loved it but then got morning sick and I’ve only just gotten laundry and dinner down so that I can start contemplating returning to the schedule.

    • Haha I used to actually watch the tea steeping! It was weird.

      Morning sickness is the worst. I actually started the cleaning schedule after a pregnancy that made me feel so awful I had done pretty much nothing. Everything got clean eventually!

      Thank you for the comment; love your blog!

      • I’m enjoying yours, too!

        Yes: my life was on hold for about a year (with a little energy this summer), but we just finished the fourth trimester and I’m weirdly excited to return the house to its former (extremely humble) glory 🙂

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