Anemia During Pregnancy


I have finally come out of my post vacation depression.  Part of the problem, I am guessing, is that I turned out to have severe anemia caused by this pregnancy.  My hematocrit was 23.6, which is extremely low.  Normal is between 36 and 48.  Pregnancy dilutes your blood so going down to 33 is generally acceptable.  Below 30, surgery and delivery become a little risky without a transfusion beforehand as there is always some blood loss.  23 is very bad.

I had been having very bad dizzy spells and had mentioned them to my OB, who basically told me to stay hydrated and eat more.  (Answers like this always sound like they are just telling you to stop complaining.)  I very, very rarely complain about anything to my doctor (preferring to obsessively look things up online, then grin and bear it), so I was a bit peeved.

I was also having weird leg twitches and cramps in the middle of the night.  My main problem was just exhaustion and weakness.  I felt like I couldn’t do anything but lay down on the couch.  Walking up a flight of stairs was exhausting.  After going up to the girl’s room to lay out their clothes or put them to put I would sit on the floor and catch my breath for five minutes.  I was sleeping about nine hours at night and still falling asleep during my children’s rest times.  I do not find this relaxing, just depressing and awful.  It seems obvious writing it down that something was off, but of course every pregnant person is tired.

So when I got a call from the nurse practitioner I felt a little vindication. I  have started taking a liquid iron supplement called Floradix.  I ordered it from Amazon and I started it about two weeks ago.  It’s taken twice a day and has a sort of a sweet, metallic taste.  That sounds gross but it is not bad.  It is best to drink a glass of vitamin C rich fruit juice afterwards to help your body absorb the iron.

My weird leg twitches are MUCH better, but not totally gone.  Probably only one or two twitches as I am falling asleep, not constantly.  I can walk up hills and stairs again.  I also look super tan!  Maybe this is my normal skin color and I just haven’t seen it for years.

The best part is, I can do work around the house and when I am done I feel energized and productive, not exhausted and wanting to cry.


Winter is enjoying a little late comeback.  But the sun is so strong and so many flowers are already out that I can see the end in sight.




My sewing machine is back out, and the quilt WILL be finished by the end of the month!



Princess Elena is very interested in it.


I got this book out of the library for some craft ideas with the kids.  DSC00951.jpg

My sweet little peanuts made some newspaper paper-mache bowls for outdoor treasures.



The long awaited first daffodils.  Everyone else’s house has tulips now.  But these daffodils are lovely.



Found a nice sunny spot for this summer’s dahlias.  The most amazing cut flowers there ever were.


And is there anything better than daylight savings time?  Sunshine at dinner.  Who could complain now?


Anemia During Pregnancy

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